A Mention In Writing Magazine!

A couple of months ago I was contacted by Writing Magazine columnist Simon Whaley, who asked if I’d mind being interviewed for his column, The Business of Writing. Simon was putting together an article on organisations for writers, and asked me for my thoughts on belonging to the Alliance of Independent Authors. I was delighted to help, and I answered Simon’s questions promptly, then waited for the December edition of Writing Magazine to come out.

I was hoping for a mention of my name in the article – and Simon also said he’d mention my latest book, Cupid’s Way – but I was blown away when I got my copy of the magazine. Simon has devoted a whole section to Alli, and also included a photo of me and used practically all of my quotes :) Check it out:

Writing magazine excerpt

Of course you’ll have to buy the magazine to read the whole article ;) It was so amazing to see myself in a magazine I have been buying and devouring for years and years. I have written two articles for Writers’ Forum, but have never been in WM before, except in the Members’ News section, which was also lovely of course. A while ago, in the closed Alli forum I mention in this excerpt, we were discussing the lack of a self-published author on the cover of WM, and the race is now on to be the first indie to grace its glorious cover. I want it to be me! But I know I’m punching above my weight there, so I’ll content myself with this lovely mini interview, and thanks again to Simon Whaley for getting in touch in the first place.


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Should You Be Online? asked Mslexia in 2007

I recently borrowed a stack of old Mslexia magazines from my lovely friend, writer Susie Davis. When I sat down to read them I was tickled to see the front page of the 2007 issue:


“Should you be online?” the headline asks, and then inside the magazine there are articles about whether or not an author needs a website, a how-to guide for blogging, and advice about the top social networking site, MySpace. None of the books reviewed in the magazine have ebook versions of course, because the Kindle wasn’t released until 2007 and didn’t really gain traction until 2009.

It’s amazing now to think that only 7 years ago the question of whether or not to be online was still being seriously debated. Now every author is expected to have some kind of platform – pre- and post being published – and even those who are uncomfortable with Twitter, or Facebook, or blogging, have some kind of online presence where they can be found by, and communicate with, readers. And MySpace? We should never forget just how big and influential it was back then, and we should remember that any of the current big players in social media could easily go the same way.

But perhaps what’s even more interesting than how out-of-date this question seems, is how up-to-date the advice in Mslexia’s 2007 edition still is! The four page spread on author websites is still relevant today, with advice on what kind of website you should have and how best to engage with readers. The advice on getting search engine friendly is bang up to date: “Make sure you have plenty of interesting content to attract browsers and help search engines refine your ranking … get as many people as possible to link to your website … use meta data”. Mslexia must have been very cutting edge to have been talking about this in 2007, which makes me wonder how interesting and relevant their current issues are …

Well, you can check out the content of the latest issue here, but it does appear to have some interesting articles. I think I’m going to subscribe, finally, after all these years of thinking that Mslexia was a bit high-brow for me ;) But for now I’m happy to be reading the still-relevant advice from yesteryear in these lovely old copies of the magazine. Thanks, Susie.



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NaNoWriMo Begins

Well, actually it started on Saturday, but I was at a wedding ;) Even though I lost a day, I’m still on track and raring to go. Check out my new Widget on the sidebar – it will automatically update my word count, and I find this visibility of how well I’m doing (or not doing) very motivating!

Thanks to everyone who added me as a NaNoWriMo Buddy, I’ll be popping in from time to time to see how you’re doing too. So, I have my outline for This Beautiful World all ready to go, I’ve done my first 2,500 words (which were helped along a little bit my re-writing some stuff I workshopped earlier this year), and I’ve cleared my calendar of all expect the most essential jobs for November – of which there a quite a few, as you’ll have seen from an earlier post. But I’m determined to see it through this year! I’ll be checking in every Monday for updates, so …

Good luck everyone! Let’s write :)


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Mystery November Book Tour – Day One!

Today is the first day of the Mystery November Book Tour, hosted by the lovely Rosie Amber. 30 authors in 30 days, and 30 very different types of mystery. Today is Flora Lively’s turn to shine – head over to Rosie’s blog to read my interview and check out the rest of the tour stops.

Mystery Tour Day 1


I’m going to be out of action for a couple of days, but I’ll be back very soon catching up with the tour stops and finding some great new reads. You can tweet about the tour with the #MysteryNovember hashtag to connect with other mystery authors, and please share details of the tour on your social networks. Right - in the spirit of Mystery November, here’s a little question for you: Who is your favourite sleuth, and why?

My answer: Jessica Fletcher in Murder, She Wrote – because she’s calm and kind but she’s got a mind like a steel trap.


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