Free Literary Fiction This Weekend Only

Regular blog readers will be familiar with writer Lindsay Stanberry-Flynn – the prize-winning author of Unravelling, who was picked up by Cinnamon Press last year for her second novel, The Piano Player’s Son. Cinnamon Press are running a promotion this weekend and you can download the Kindle version of The Piano Player’s Son for FREE! The Kindle edition is usually priced at £4.49, so this is a significant saving – grab it while you can :)


And here’s a bit more about it:

Family is all-important to Isabel. Her parents have an idyllic marriage, and she has tried hard to create one for herself. However, all pretense is shattered when her husband leaves her. On top of this her father dies, leaving Isabel devastated. Then her mother confides in her: behind her parents’ apparently happy marriage was a secret kept for more than three decades. Isabel is staggered by the revelation. Against a back-drop of events that will devastate all their lives and amongst a maelstrom of emotion, breakdown, loss and competing claims, Lindsay Stanberry-Flynn weaves a careful and detailed story of how fragile people negotiate or fail to negotiate challenges and crises; keep secrets, fall apart or try to recover a sense of integrity in the midst of human mess.

The Piano Player’s Son has 14 x 5 star reviews on Amazon – in fact, it has nothing but 5 star reviews, which does not surprise me at all. It’s a great book, characteristic of Lindsay’s flawless writing talent. Please download and share, share, share.

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7 responses to “Free Literary Fiction This Weekend Only

  1. Ooh! How lovely, Jo – thank you so much!

  2. Thank you for pointing this out – loved Unravelling, and to my shame had no idea that Lindsay Stanberry-Flynn had a new book out. Congratulations, Lindsay, look forward to reading this!

  3. Great recommendation, Jo – I’m about 3/4 of the way through it at the moment and it’s a fabulous read – a gripping story of family after bereavement, coming to terms with longstanding conflict and shocking new revelations. Had to force myself to put it down and get on with stuff on the computer this morning! Suspect I will be adding to the author’s collection of stars shortly…. :)

  4. Just grabbed my copy from Amazon. Thank you for the heads up Jo! And well done Linsday!

  5. Glad to know you’re enjoying it, Debbie. A reader having to force themselves to put a book down – music to a writer’s ears! And thanks for the congrats, Martina. Hope you enjoy it, and so pleased to hear you loved Unravelling too.

  6. Deborah Humphrey

    Looking forward to reading it. Thanks for letting us know.

  7. Pearl Wheeler

    Thank you. Lindsay Stanberry-Flynn is a new author for me. Look forward to reading it.

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