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It’s definitely a challenge – finding good books to read in the Kindle store. Approach 1 is to go for tried-and-tested authors: this is great providing they have published Kindle editions, and providing their Kindle editions are any good! Imagine my horror when I downloaded one of my favourite novels by Anne Tyler (Patchwork Planet) only to find stacks of errors. Penn Station had become ‘Perm Station’ – great for hairdressers – and littered was now ‘Uttered’, amongst other mistakes. The great thing about Kindle, of course, is that you can get a refund for up to seven days after purchase, so this downloaded was quickly returned.

Approach 2 is to try Amazon’s recommended, or look at what similar books other readers have downloaded. This can be successful – I recently found Miranda Dickinson – Fairy Tale of New York – this way, and was thrilled with it. Now I’m a firm fan, and the great thing is – she has two other books for me to try. Oh, the joy of finding a new author…

Approach 3 is to browse other book websites, such as, and then find the Kindle edition if you can. Good Reads is a fab resource, if a little time-consuming, but worth a look.

The one approach that doesn’t seem to work so well is to browse Amazon’s own listings. The categories are confused and mixed up, and unless you know exactly what you are looking for, it’s a pretty soul-destroying task. Still, so is finding a good book in any setting, so why should Kindle be different? At least a great book is worth the effort.

Have any other advice for finding books on Kindle? Let me know.