Today I spent a couple of hours with my fab designer, Chris Howard, and together we finalised the cover design for Can’t Live Without. I spent some time in Waterstones earlier this week, taking in the look and feel of their bestselling books, seeing what drew me in and what didn’t, and the results were that I wanted a cover with a simple colour palette, an eye-catching photo, and a style that can be easily replicated for future books. (Thinking ahead – very important!)

The final design takes a stock photo and, with a bit of designer magic (mysterious stuff to do with filters and effects and layers… beyond me), and a lot of agonising over fonts and colours, we have achieved a cover that does everything I wanted it to and more. Well, it can’t make the tea, but I’ve got a husband for that 🙂

I’m totally in love with this cover, and now I’m even more eager to see the book published in print as well as on Kindle. To that end, I’ve upped my research efforts, and I’ve decided to post all my research on here in a couple of weeks, which will include detailed comparisons of most of the current self-publishing options. So, watch out for that because it really will be a very useful resource.