I got my manuscript back from my ace proofreader, Jude White, at the weekend, and I’ve been desperate to start work on it ever since. Unfortunately (well, fortunately for my bank balance) I had to finish two indexes first…

But now work is all done so I can settle down to go through the changes and suggestions she made.


Have you ever used Word’s Track Changes? It is stressing me out. Every time I accept or reject a change I have to go back and find it and check it did it right. I’ve got this (probably irrational) fear that I might make more mistakes as I go along – an extra space here, two words merging together there – and end up having to pay to get it proofed again. And then what? Make the changes and get it proofed again. And on and on…

I think I’ve become a little obsessed with making the finished manuscript absolutely error free. But then, I did pay out £325 for proofreading instead of doing it myself or giving it to family and friends to do. And I’m glad I did – I’m only up to the second chapter of the proofed version and Jude has spotted loads of things. Well worth the money, and as I’m a total pedant myself when it comes to spotting errors in other people’s books, it’s right that I should practice what I preach.

Anyway, Jude has given me some good advice for working through the document, so I’m just going to be careful and not stress too much. Next deadline: uploading to Kindle by Friday, 11th May!