Well, what a learning journey I’ve been on! Yes, Friday was my personal deadline for getting Can’t Live Without uploaded to Kindle. Yes, the deadline has passed and my book still isn’t ‘up there’ for sale. But, all is well because I have finally cracked it! Yippee!! So here is my Kindle formatting journey for you to learn from/laugh at/have no interest in at all (delete as appropriate).

I started out quite smug and confident. Hadn’t I read in a Writing Magazine article that ‘all you had to do’ to format your Word doc for Kindle was download the free programme, Mobipocket Creator, and off you go. Easy, I thought. Once it’s proofed and checked it’ll take minutes, I thought. WRONG. It didn’t work. The results, when viewed on my PC’s Kindle viewer, were horrible. Indentations all over the place, no consistency of styles, no cover … Horrible. OK. Back to the drawing board.

I tried looking at the html. I had, of course, saved my Word doc as a Web Page, filtered, as I’d been told. But there were no clues here. I tried circumventing Mobipocket and uploading the Word file direct to Kindle. OMG – even worse formatting: it looked like my 4-year-old daughter had done it. Actually, given that she’s a bit of a genius, maybe I should have just given it to her …

OK, desperate measures were called for. I would, I realised, have to pay actual money to get this thing sorted. NO, not to someone else to do it for me – I am a publisher now, I will publish the bloody thing myself if it kills me. Instead I bought Jutoh, an ebook editor and formating programme that I researched some time ago.

And then my problems really started. Jutoh is fantastic – it can do everything you want it to and more. The problem: I was burnt out with the whole process but now I had to learn an entire new programme from scratch. I had to read the manual (!), and apply styles, and learn about how the way I wrote my book in Word in the first place was actually to blame for all the problems I was having formatting now.

TIP: If you are still writing your masterpiece, and plan to sell it on Kindle one day, read their guide before you go any further. Wish I had.

So, skip to the happy ending. I’ve just now this moment managed to get Can’t Live Without produced in the right file-format for Kindle, and I’ve managed to get it on to my own Kindle so I can do one last read-through before uploading it to Amazon on Wednesday. It looks great 🙂 My official launch date is Friday 18th May – watch out for my virtual launch party!