Thanks so much to Linda MacDonald for her post about self-publishing. You can read it under comments here. Watch out for more from author Susan Buchanan too. We can learn so much from other authors, and it’s great when they can take the time to share their experiences with us newbies 🙂

So far Can’t Live Without has sold – drum roll please – 17 copies! Well, not bad considering it’s only been for sale for two days 🙂 Here are some more facts you may not know about Can’t Live Without:

  • The whole enterprise cost me just short of £350, most of which was the proofreader. I haven’t included the cost of buying Jutoh (editing programme for ebooks) as this isn’t an exclusive cost for CLW. So once I’ve sold about 350 copies, I should be into a small profit. Only 333 to go 🙂
  • I had some interest early on in CLW from an agent at the Darley Anderson Agency. I have credited this agent in the book because she made some excellent suggestions which shaped the final version of CLW and made it much better. Unfortunately, the relationship didn’t progress to representation, but I will always value her input.
  • The book is set, as you may know, in Milton Keynes, where I lived for almost 20 years. I love MK, and visit whenever I can, and I wanted to portray the city in a very positive light. Of course, I started the book when I still lived there, and I, like Paul Smart, used to go running around Willen Lake. But not every morning!

OK, our final competition. This time you can win a £10 Amazon voucher, by posting your very own list of what you can’t live without. Post it on here anytime over the weekend, and I’ll choose the winner on Sunday evening.