So, the party’s over – but at least there’s no clearing up to do! I just want to say a great big Thank You to everyone who came along and said hello and took part, it was great sharing my big day with you all. Here are the results of the mini-competitions:

Title comp
Thanks to Jez, Annie, Susan, Emma, Bev and Marina for your ideas. I really liked Jez’s title (Living Despite) but he’s my husband so he can’t win! So the prize goes to Bev for ‘Living Without’. Funnily enough, this was on my own list of possibles, so I think this is a worthy winner.

Emma was the first to come up with the correct answer to my mini-quiz, and wins a signed copy of the paperback edition of CLW – I’ll contact you, Emma, nearer publication date to find out where to post it to. Well done.

List comp
Well, we had fun with this one. Thanks to Annie, Jez, Lynne, Emma, Marina, Chris and Gail for their lists. Again, I’d like to give the prize to my lovely hubby for his touching entry, but I can’t, so the prize goes to Marina, for being someone who has experienced living without, and lived to tell the tale. Well done, Marina, I think I’ve got your email so I’ll forward on your prize of a £10 Amazon voucher tomorrow.

I just did a quick check and CLW has sold another 2 copies since yesterday, so that’s 19 copies so far. I’ll keep you posted – if you’re interested – on sales over the coming weeks. It just remains for me to say: Please, please recommend Can’t Live Without to all your friends, on Facebook, on Twitter, in person, and on your blogs. Please leave me a review on Amazon. And please keep coming back to say hello. Otherwise I’ll miss you x