You’re all avid book-lovers, so I’m sure you’ve already joined Goodreads and started building up your libraries of much-loved books and connecting with your favourite authors. I’d love it if you’d connect with me on Goodreads – it’s part of building up my author profile and reaching as many readers as possible.

One fun thing I’m trying is an author Q&A. It’s a discussion which runs for about a month, where readers and other authors can join in and chat. It’s not all about Can’t Live Without – there will be lots of other interesting topics, and you can add your own. So please come along to My Group and join.

While you’re there, you could add CLW to your read list, or your to-read list if you haven’t gotten around to it yet, and maybe leave me a review. And if you’re an author running a promo there do let me know for reciprocal support 🙂

See you there soon! x Jo