English: tape measure Français : Metre de cout...I’m in a bit of a pickle today. I’m just about to start typesetting my book and I’ve suddenly begun to doubt the decision I made eons ago about trim size. Oh, just stop making life so difficult for yourself, Jo, I hear you scream. But it’s not that simple, I whine. (It never is, is it?)

It’s like this: I wanted to go for the UK ‘B’ format size of 198 x 129mm because, well, that’s the size of most commercial paperbacks right now and I wanted mine to fit right in. And that’s a good reason to choose a book size, right?

Maybe. But then I hit a few snags. First, Lightning Source doesn’t offer cream paper in that size – and I really wanted cream paper. Second, when you start looking really carefully at the figures for a print-book (as opposed to an ebook), saving a couple of pence here and there makes all the difference. And the fact is, a bigger trim size would save me money – fewer pages, you see. Cheaper to print, but the same cover price. It all comes down to the bottom line in the end.

I need help! I can’t decide what to do. I have books of many sizes on my bookshelf, and I’m although I’m not overtly prejudiced against the ‘larger’ ones (sizeism is not nice, after all), I do view their tendency to stand right out with a bit of suspicion. But other people have said that they like a slightly larger book … What to do, what to do?

Would you do me a favour and tell me what you think about book sizes for fiction? Don’t worry about getting your tape measure out and getting all technical on me (unless you want to), just give me some advice on whether size really does matter after all…