I recently stumbled across this fantastic resource for writers – and probably of some interest to readers too. It’s called Novel Rank, and basically is a website where you can track any title for sale on Amazon and see how many copies the book is selling. Cool, huh? Here is a screen shot of my own book on Novel Rank:

You can see from this that yesterday, 13th June, I sold 4 copies (yippee!) and that my current ranking overall on Kindle is 7, 698. You can also see that my book isn’t selling so well in the US, and that my ranking there is awful! Oh well, we can’t take over the world just yet.

So, how do you use this resource to track other people’s books, and why would you want to? It’s more than just being nosy, of course, there’s a real advantage in being able to see how other authors in your genre are performing – for one thing it gives you a realistic target to aim for. And it’s really easy: just follow the link to Novel Rank, choose the title you want to track, and off you go. Bookmark the URL for each title and check in whenever you want to see how a book is doing. I’m currently tracking 3 other titles (no, I’m not saying what they are), and the results are really helping me shape my own marketing efforts. A tip for authors: if you’re tracking a particular book and also following that author’s blog and Twitter feeds, you will be able to see the effects of their marketing efforts straight away. Have fun 🙂