Welcome to my new regular feature – every weekend I’ll be talking about an indie author who is currently publishing on Kindle (or elsewhere) and who has impressed me or caught my attention. It’s not an author interview, or a review of their books – although I may do both from time to time.

This week I’m cheating by having not one but two authors of the week! Well, it is my blog – I can do what I like 🙂

First is the very hardworking and very lovely Terry Tyler, whose 2nd novel, Nobody’s Fault, is currently free on Kindle – hurry, though, it ends as a free download tonight. Terry has published three novels – yes, three! – in less than six months, which is pretty amazing. And all of them are selling well on Amazon, in categories such as Romantic Suspense and Psychological Fiction. I met Terry on Twitter and she’s a very supportive gal to her fellow authors – she also has a very informative blog here.

Check out Terry’s books:





The second Author of the Week is the fabulous Talli Roland. You’re sure to have heard of her – Talli is a shining light in the  world of indiepublishing. Originally published by a traditional press, Talli decided to go it alone with her last two books:

Construct A Couple only came out a week ago, so if you haven’t read any of Talli’s books yet now is a great time to start – but do read Build A Man first because Construct is the sequel 🙂 So, why has Talli impressed me this week? By being so supportive to a newbie like me. Talli always answers her emails from me, even though she’s super-busy, and she’s offered me some great advice too. So thanks, Talli, and good luck with this and all future books.