Finally the BBC have recognised my genius and invited me on to talk about my book. Well, OK, that’s not strictly true – but it’s not completely false either! I’ll be interviewed on BBC Three Counties Radio on Friday morning at 8:30 – put it in your diary – for the Milton Keynes breakfast show. The interview will go out again on Saturday morning across the three counties so it’s really great exposure.

I won’t just be banging on about my book, though. This time I’m being interviewed about, of all things, 50 Shades of Grey and its amazing success. The lovely Helen Legh wants to know all about how a writer approaches writing a sex scene, and why 50 Shades has been such a huge success. We’ll also be talking about Can’t Live Without and how I’ve used Milton Keynes as a setting in a way that is different from the norm. Indeed, one reviewer on Amazon has said about CLW: ‘An unexpectedly poetic description of Milton Keynes’. And I thought that was lovely.

So please listen to the breakfast show here if you can, or the main show on Saturday here. And if you know anyone in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire or Hertfordshire (aka Three Counties) please would you let them know too 🙂 In fact, just let everyone know. It should be fun!