This week my favourite author is the incredibly talented Harriet Grace, author of one of the best books I’ve read this year, Cells. I first came across Harriet when she was featured in Alison Baverstock’s great resource for self-publishing writers (which I have talked about before on this blog). Harriet allowed her journey of subsidy publishing and self-publishing to be used as a case study, and when I emailed her to ask for advice she not only responded quickly, she was also really helpful.

Harriet is also a published poet, and it shows in this novel, which uses lyrical language and has real depth and emotional honesty. Tackling the emotive issue of infertility, Cells is like no other book I’ve read – and I mean that in a very good way! Not a shameless self-promoter like the rest of us (!), Harriet should be reaching a far wider audience, and like Lindsay Stanberry-Flynn, who I also bang on about on a regular basis, it is a crime that Harriet hasn’t been picked up by a mainstream publisher who can give her the backing and the readership she deserves. So add Cells to your To-Read list and then leave her a great review on Amazon.