I found this great article last night and I wanted to share it with you –

International Rights Agent To Work With Alliance of Independent Authors | How To Self Publish and Sell Your Books.

The Alliance of Independent Authors have secured the services of an international rights agent for their members. This is top news, as previously it’s been really difficult for indie authors to break into the foreign rights market. Follow the link above to read more about it, and watch out for TV and Film rights information coming soon. The Alliance now has over 150 members, with more joining every day, and I think this non-profit organisation is one to watch. I’m not usually a ‘joiner’ but I have become a member of ALLi: it feels good to be part of something that makes me feel as though my voice will be heard a little louder than when I speak alone.

Coming this week:
Tomorrow I’ll be posting all my figures so far – sales figures, downloads, expenses, and updating those who have been following my journey on how I’m feeling about self-publishing right now.
Fiction Friday will have the first chapter of a previously abandoned novel: The Love of Your Life. Feedback and comments much appreciated.
Author of the Week is coming back again on Sunday … you’ll have to wait and see who it is 🙂