Just a quick update about this weekend’s free promo on Kindle for those who are eager to hear about the numbers. Yes, Can’t Live Without achieved 10,000 downloads on Friday and Saturday – 10,193 to be exact. Here is the breakdown by region:

UK: 7,451
US: 2,604
Germany: 117
France: 17
Spain: 4

To say I am astounded is an understatement – I never expected to reach so many people. My personal target was 1,000 downloads and to maybe get into the top 100 in the Kindle free chart. But by Saturday morning CLW was at number 2 overall and number 1 in fiction, and then it made number 1 overall by the afternoon.

I will be blogging about the promo in graphic detail on Wednesday, so if you’re interested in finding out exactly what I did, where I promoted it, and how it all works with the time differences, come back then. And thanks to everyone who shared my links, told their friends, and downloaded the book. I am constantly touched and amazed by the support I get from all the lovely people who read my blog. Thank you x