Two exciting things to report this week in the world of book marketing and promotion. First, this wonderful interview in the Chester Chronicle: (Click here for online version.)

How fab it that? Chester is where I grew up, and it was so amazing to see this in the newspaper that I used to read every week. The second exciting thing is that I’m being interviewed on the Stafford FM Book Club on their primetime 6.00pm spot on Monday evening. You might remember that Can’t Live Without was their book of the week two weeks ago (podcast here), and Lee asked if I’d come on the show to talk about my writing and CLW. You can listen to the interview live here. They’ll also be a podcast coming soon.

Wow! Two major promotional bursts in one week. I’m exhausted 🙂

This will be my third radio interview, and I’m not feeling quite so nervous about it now. But this is perhaps the most exciting one because it’s an actual real live Book Club – Kim the Bookworm is their resident reviewer and it was she who made CLW book of the week. (Thanks so much, Kim.) And it’s the fifth time I’ve appeared in a newspaper – but I don’t think that novelty will ever wear off! It’s just so great to be getting the word out about my book – the more people who read it, the happier I am. I hope you’ll be able to listen in on Monday – wish me luck!