This week’s most fabulous author is the lovely Kirsty Greenwood. Now, it’s funny because I knew all about Novelicious – the brilliant book review website – and I had also come across Kirsty on Twitter. But until I downloaded Kirsty’s book, Yours Truly, I had no idea that this Kirsty was the Kirsty behind Novelicious! Small world, or me just living in a bubble?

No matter, because once I started reading Kirsty’s website/blog I knew I just had to make her my author of the week. This post: Mrs Kirsty Chow is one of the funniest things I have read in years. So I am really, really excited that I’ve got Yours Truly lined up as one of my holiday reads.

Yes, as you’re reading this I’ll be relaxing in the glorious Peak District, with no email or internet access, just chilling out and taking stock. In the words of Jack Bauer, I’m ‘going dark’. There are lots of posts lined up though, so don’t disappear on me. I’ll be back in person very soon 🙂 Meanwhile, check out Kirsty’s wonderful blog and website, and find some more great reads on Novelicious.

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