A sneak preview of what’s coming up this week (light workload as I’m officially ‘on vacation’) …

Wednesday: Great Day Jobs for Writers – the top 5 ways for writers to earn money while still having the time/inclination to write and being part of the ‘writing world’.

Friday: Fiction Friday – Prizewinning short story A Careful Man

Janelle parked across the street and scrunched down as low as she could. The nineteen-thirties semi with criss-cross leaded windows hid shyly behind a round chestnut tree. Nestled within the leaves, a street light cast a yellow haze across the driveway, where a grey Volvo was parked. Janelle hunkered down even further until only her eyes remained, reflecting the light in a wide stare.

She waited.

The man worked the night shift at Thomson’s. Picking and packing. It didn’t seem a very glamorous occupation to Janelle.

‘If he was a brain surgeon would that have made Darrell’s death worthwhile?’ her mum had asked.

Well, no. Of course not.

But then again… Maybe if other lives had been at stake…

Come back Friday to read more!

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