Thanks to everyone who read or commented on last week’s list. I found it really helpful to have to my To Do list posted here – I end up with so many scraps of paper in my office that I can easily lose track of what’s really important! First here’s last week’s list and the results:

  1. Complete my list of September’s short story competitions and post it by the end of the week – Just made it!
  2. Work on the outline for my new WIP – the sequel to Can’t Live Without – Mostly complete now, just a few plot lines to iron out as I write.
  3. Think of a working title for above! (Suggestions very welcome) – Happy to report I now have a title for the sequel – watch out for big title reveal coming soon 😉
  4. Change my media page around so that the most recent items are at the top (duh – not sure why I didn’t do it this way in the first place!) –  Done this too – and it was about the most time-consuming of all the tasks as I have to code the table in html!
  5. Research and write about KDP Select and whether or not it’s worth opting in to – this is for Thursday – Yep, done did.
  6. Finish my next Fiction Friday story, which is a short story called Parenting Class – themed for back to school time! – Ditto, sorted. Watch out for this on Friday.

OK, now for this week’s To Do list. I’ve got most of my itty-bitty jobs complete now, so it’s a very writing-heavy list for the coming week:

  1. Complete 6,000 words of WIP
  2. Make a new spreadsheet to track paperback sales
  3. Write a post about my sales figures following the free Kindle promotion in July
  4. Research for a post about blog tours (still looking for more info on this if anyone fancies contributing?)
  5. Start looking for images and music for my new Book Trailer for Can’t Live Without!

Exciting, huh? 6,000 words is just to get me going – once I can write every day again I’m aiming for 2,000 words a day, five days a week. This is only 4 pages a day, so shouldn’t be so very difficult, right? Right …? Gulp. OK, over to you guys again. What’s on your To Do list this week?