The first Wednesday of the month is officially Insecure Writers Support Group day – and this is the first month I’m taking part. Oh, the relief to find a group of people who not only feel the same as I do, but are also willing to blog about it and offer support to each other. The blogosphere is a warm and fuzzy place for me today! Check out the rest of the list here, and pop along to some other insecure writers to lend an ear.

So, what am I feeling insecure about today? Tons! Coincidentally, today is my daughter’s first day at school – that kind-of longed for moment when she would trot happily off across the playground and I would come home and … erm, well, write! I imagined that I’d write all day long, inΒ a frenzy of creativity, all those repressed ideas which have sat impatiently in my head while I played dolls houses and painted trees and flowers and pushed my little one on the swing for hours and hours. I have, literally, been waiting for this moment for four years! (That is, the writer in me has been waiting for it – the mum in me has been dreading it!)

That’s the thing about a busy life – it offers the perfect excuse for not achieving your goals. Not written a single word for a week? Well, I’ve been busy, haven’t I? Not keeping up with Facebook and Twitter? Well, excuse me for putting my family first! But now I officially have at least 25 hours a week to write – to produce. And I’m feeling pretty terrified. Procrastination rears its ugly head – there is filing to do, windows to paint, rooms to sort out and tidy. There’s housework and ironing and sewing, and friends to catch up with, and clothes to be bought. There’s the gym to visit now I have the time … Oh, dear – and there was me thinking I’d suddenly have no rivals for my writing time.

What I need is a plan. Yes, I’m going to spend most of today coming up with a plan for how to spend my newly empty days. And that’s not more procrastination, is it? Oh, it is 😦 Well, tough.

OK, over to you – are there any other insecure writers out there?