Today I started my new voluntary ‘job’ with the Shropshire Home Library Service. It’s an absolutely fantastic resource for people who don’t have the mobility to get into their local library and choose their own books. How it works is, I go along and pick up a stack of books which have been requested by the person who needs the service (in my case a lovely lady who I met for the first time today), and then take them to her home. We have a bit of a chat, discuss what books she likes to read etc, and then I go back again in a few weeks time to pick up the read books and drop off some fresh ones. How fantastic is that?

Books are so important to me, I can’t imagine not having access to them. And we all know how library resources are being cut across the country right now. I think I might have made a new friend today, as well as helped someone by making sure they have loads of great books to hand. A good day’s work!