Drum roll please … it’s time to announce the new title for the follow up to Can’t Live Without. Those of you who have signed up for the newsletter or follow me on Facebook will have already heard this, but for the rest of my lovely fellow bloggers here it is:

The Family Trap

Cool, huh? And here is my first ever Vlog post, where I talk about the difficulties of writing a sequel:


Future Vlog posts will only be available via the newsletter or Facebook, so if you haven’t signed up yet, please do soon. It’s only once a month, but I do keep some things exclusive for the newsletter, and it’s a way to make sure you never miss out on the really important news – like when the next book is out, for example 🙂 My next vlog post will come from Willen Lake in Milton Keynes, a place readers of CLW will remember is very significant for Stella and Paul.

Bye for now x