Who would have thought my little post about joining the RNA would have had so many comments and such a far-reaching reaction. Over 300 people viewed the post, and it was great to read all your comments, thoughts and suggestions. I’ll be updating that post later with a summary to round things off.

With so much excitement, how did I do with my list?

  • 10,000 words of The Family Trap – managed 7,500, which isn’t too shabby
  • Update indexing CV and send out long-neglected marketing letters – updated CV but haven’t sent out letters yet (do I even have time for indexing work anymore?)
  • Write interview questions for Emily A Shaffer, who is visiting us on her forthcoming blog tour – yes
  • Music/book trailer/blah blah blah – what do you think? I’m going to have to shelve the book trailer for a while, I think.
  • Write down at the end of each working session what I’ve actually done so I can see where my time goes! – oh, yes – this was a great idea. And it’s surprising just how much I do get done in a working day. I’ll carry on with this, and I call it my ‘did list’. It’s very affirming 🙂

Now for this week’s list:

  1. 7,500 words of The Family Trap – a more realistic target
  2. Week 1 of MA in Creative Writing. Did I not mention the MA I’m starting this week? 🙂 Watch out for blog post about it on Thursday
  3. Research info for a post about the best writing courses to study from home
  4. Start formatting short story collection when it comes back from proofreader
  5. Look for cover images for above
  6. One hundred tiny organising/filing/admin jobs I can’t be bothered to list here …

So, enough to be going on with, I think! How are you all getting on with your lists? A few weeks ago there were tax returns to be done, passports to buy, and lives to change … looking for an update, folks 🙂