It’s Saturday evening, and I should be living it up with hubby in front of the TV with a takeaway and a bottle of wine. Instead I’m penning a blog post about plummeting book sales. I just need to vent! Don’t shoot me 😉

I’ve watched my sales and Amazon ranking for Can’t Live Without drop steadily since the wonderful uplift the free promo gave me back in July. The downward trend had been pretty continual until a week or so back when a couple of serendipitous promotional items turned it around temporarily. Very temporarily. For some time, CLW hung on around the 3,000 – 6,000 mark on Amazon, very occasionally going above or below this. The last six weeks’ sales have been 59, 48, 33, 30, 53, 37. This week’s figures aren’t in yet, but it looks to be around 20. And the big shocker is CLW’s ranking – it’s plummeted to 13,000. Not even two fantastic new 5 star reviews have helped to push it back up the chart!

The ups and downs of book sales

It’s all relative, isn’t it? Before the free promo, I was chuffed to get 1 sale a day, and a ranking of between 20,000 and 40,000 was amazing. I need to get my head around getting used to this again, and not stress it. Yes, I could probably turn this around again if I spent tons of time promoting the title, and finding new ways to reach readers, and maybe paying for some advertising. And I will do all those things soon, and more. But right now I’m writing. I’m doing a bit of promotion, but not tons. I’m in ‘creative mode’ and it’s just impossible to do everything at once.

This is the lot of indie authors. A little bit of success is so hard to maintain, as it requires complete and continuous effort. But you’ve still got to get the next book written, and then do it all over again. And when your book has been up there in the top 100, it’s really hard to see it fall … and fall … and fall.

OK – I feel better now. Off for that glass of wine. Thanks for listening 🙂