This week’s hot author is the fabulous Debbie Young, whose new book Sell Your Books! launched this week. Although Debbie’s book is not self-published (it was commissioned by Helen Hart at Silverwood Books), Debbie is a tireless supporter of indie authors. If you’re a writer with a book to market and sell, this one is for you.

More about Debbie’s new book:

“Hurrah, you’ve published a book! Now all you need is some readers – other than your friends and relations. “But I’m a writer, not a salesman!” is the common cry of the new self-published author (from behind the boxes of books piled up in his spare bedroom). Not sure where to begin? This new handbook by an experienced writer and promoter will take you through all that you need to know to gain confidence and expertise in promoting your book. With abundant good humour and common-sense, it gives easy-to-follow instructions on everything from holding a local launch event to creating a worldwide author profile worldwide via the internet. This upbeat and supportive guide will be an invaluable addition to your writing reference library, to which you will return time and again. Whether you’re new to the challenge of book promotion, or you just need some fresh ideas to shift your backlist, this new handbook will help you do what it says on the cover – SELL YOUR BOOKS!”

I’ve already started reading it, and I can tell you there is some great advice here. I’m a bit annoyed that this wasn’t available when I first launched Can’t Live Without, actually! (But at least I have it now.) There is nothing else that I’ve read that is as helpful and specific as this, and certainly nothing aimed at the UK indie author market. So thanks Debbie!

Click here to check it out:

From Debbie’s Amazon page:

Debbie Young was born in Sidcup, Kent, on the edge of London in 1960. A keen reader and writer from a very early age, she spent the first part of her career in journalism, PR and marketing, writing memorable copy about all kinds of things from cat litter to continence (not so great a leap, then) and from ice cream to education. She has now arrived at the perfect work-life balance, seamlessly blending her work for the charity Readathon, which encourages children to read for pleasure, with promoting the work of new, self-published and independent authors. She weaves wonderful WordPress websites to help new writers gain more readers ( for a blog of free book promotion tips). She is also a dab hand at blogging about family life and anything else that engages her lively mind and alerts her keen sense of humour ( Her new self-help handbook on book promotion, “Sell Your Books!”, is designed to help authors everywhere make the most of their achievement – and to do exactly what it says on the cover. Debbie Young lives in a small Gloucestershire village with her Scottish husband and nine-year old daughter. All of human life is there…