Oh, I’m feeling very smug today. I only completed one item on last week’s To Do list, but it was a biggy! That’s right, I finished The Family Trap, and now I’m having a week off while it ‘rests’.

Well, what passes for a week off in my world, anyway. The two things I didn’t complete last week were my marketing & promotion planner and the press release for A Life Unpredicted. So the first is on this week’s list, and the latter I’ve decided to leave. Leave? I hear you cry. As in not bother? That’s right. I’ve decided to take a different route with A Life Unpredicted, and focus on the free promotion market instead. The local press aren’t going to feature everything I publish, and I want to save their goodwill for when The Family Trap is released.

So, this week’s list:

  1. Write out publishing/promotion schedule to take me up to Christmas.
  2. Decide on cover image for The Family Trap.
  3. Do a free promotion for A Life Unpredicted, hopefully starting tomorrow if I can get organised.
  4. Clean the house from top to bottom!
  5. Index all the Writing Magazines up to and including November’s (I’ve already done up to June, I think).

For those of you who read the excellent Writing Magazine, I compile an index each year and make it available for free on the blog. Last year’s index can be downloaded here: Writing Magazine 2011 index, and 2012’s will be up in the middle of November. It’s a great resource to help you find all your favourite bits in the magazine.

So, how are you guys getting on with your To Do lists?