I couple of weeks ago I told you about a brilliant new book called Sell Your Books! by book promotions expert Debbie Young. One of the most interesting aspects of sales I read about was how to segment the market for targeting promotions. I’ve always thought it’s much easier to carry out focussed promotions for non-fiction books – if you’ve written a travel guide, say, you can brainstorm where you might find potential readers and target them this way.

But for fiction, it’s much harder. So I was overjoyed to find that Debbie has written a blog post about exactly this, and has featured Can’t Live Without as her specific example. Wow! I am so lucky – all of Debbie’s expertise aimed right at my book. I’m going to go over there right now and start taking notes, and I hope you’ll come too. If you are a writer of any kind of fiction, there are some real gems of advice here.