Argghhh!!!! OK, now that’s out the way I can get on with business. I just needed a little scream there as I’ve only this minute realised that I only completed one of my tasks last week. Not good. Go to the bottom of the class, Joanne!

  • Write out publishing/promotion schedule to take me up to Christmas – failed
  • Decide on cover image for The Family Trap – failed
  • Do a free promotion for A Life Unpredicted, hopefully starting tomorrow if I can get organised – did this, phew!
  • Clean the house from top to bottom – failed
  • Index all the Writing Magazines up to and including November’s – failed!

Right, I’ve just had a word with myself and I’m back on track. It’s half term this week, so I was planning a light workload, but there are some must-dos on last week’s list that I can’t put off any longer. (The cleaning is not one of them, I’m happy to add.)

So, at the risk of being very boring, here is this week’s list (meet the new list, same as the old list) …

  1. Schedule. Do it today.
  2. Cover image for The Family Trap. (Thanks for all the comments on Friday’s post. I’m continuing my search, but I have to admit that I have sort of fallen in love with that face, and might not be able to drag myself away from it.)
  3. Start indexing Writing Magazines. A promise is a promise, after all.
  4. Start final edit of The Family Trap.

If I’m very, very organised, and very super-focussed, I might just manage this. I’m also planning a blog post about the free promotion for A Life Unpredicted – some interesting results there – and another in my series of posts about viewpoint. Would love to read other people’s To Do lists this week, might make me feel a bit better about mine …