I’m in a far more relaxed frame of mind this week. In a minute you’ll see why, but first on with the report on last week’s list:

  • Schedule up to Christmas √
  • Cover image for The Family Trap – not quite, but see below.
  • Start indexing Writing Magazines √ Started & completed! See tomorrow’s post for details.
  • Start final edit of The Family Trap √

So, pretty good going all round. But the big news this week is that the sequel to Can’t Live Without will not be published before Christmas.

Don’t groan (I hope some of you were groaning …), there is a very good reason for this decision. I’ve decided to launch the paperback and the ebook on the same day – Valentine’s Day! And this way I have even more time to make sure that my second novel is even better than the first, that it exceeds expectations and satisfies all those readers eager to find out what happens to Paul and Stella. But now I’m rewriting, everything is in flux – the title, the cover, the ending – so I have some big decisions to make this week. Along with a new To Do list, of course. So, let’s see what else I’ll be up to this week:

  1. Write a guest post for Talli Roland’s excellent blog – this will be on Friday.
  2. Brainstorm new cover images for CLW sequel.
  3. Record my new video blog post for the newsletter. I’m planning to read the first chapter of the sequel, so watch out for that!
  4. Write a short story for Alfie Dog’s Christmas Short Story Collection – proceeds to go to British Heart Foundation, and I’m really honoured to have been asked to contribute.

Fun all the way this week. The pressure’s off, I’m really looking forward to being on Talli’s blog on Friday, and I’ve got a special post planned for Insecure Writers’ Support Group day on Wednesday. Look forward to connecting with everyone this week, don’t be shy now, share your lists too 🙂