Hi everyone – it’s the first Wednesday of the month and time for another IWSG day!

Last month I was feeling insecure about the MA in creative writing I’m currently studying. Thankfully, last night’s session went quite well, so I’m not feeling like the class dunce today. Today I’m feeling insecure about something much bigger …

The Festival of Romance! (That moment needed a horror movie soundtrack to go with it.)

OK, weekend after next I’m booked to appear at the Festival of Romance in Bedford. Exciting, tick. But at the romance fair, I’ll be on a table with some big, big names in the world of writing, and I’ve also found out I’m one of only a handful of indie authors attending the event.

What will they think of little old self-published me? Will they sneer, laugh, and throw things? I know it’s ridiculous, but I have this horrible high-school-esqueย image in my head of them standing, en mass, and shouting: I refuse to sit at a table with her!

Well, I’m over dramatizing it (hey, I am a writer!) – I’m sure it won’t be that bad. But don’t you think that even if I don’t mention my indie status, someone is at some point going to ask me that dreaded question: Who are you published by?

I’m not ashamed of being indie – far from it. There are those who say traditional publishing is the new vanity publishing, with its lower royalties and tendency to make a lot of money for someone other than the author. We indies are a talented lot and we work very hard. But there is still this publishing snobbery that persists, the sense that those who have been accepted with open arms through the gates of the establishment are better than those who were sent away to do it alone.

So, that’s my story today. Insecurity is niggling away at me. Big hugs to everyone else out there who is feeling insecure today. Jo x

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