Happy Monday everyone! Despite having a nasty headache, and a pile of washing as tall as I am (I was away for two days – how does the washing pile grow so big?), I’m feeling positive and motivated and ready to share my week with the blogosphere. So, first of all last week’s list:

  • Prepare for the Festival of Romance at the weekend – Had a great time: posting about this, with photos, tomorrow.
  • Let everyone know about above so I get to connect with some readers on the day – Well, I tried my best, but there’s only so much you can do …
  • Carry on editing TFT – had an emergency index to do so TFT got bumped.
  • Newsletter and vlog – Also bumped to this week.
  • Write a short short story for Fiction Friday in honour of National Short Story Week – Did this, and I hoped you enjoyed it. Link at the end for anyone who missed it.
The indexer’s mantra!

I’m starting to think about 2013 already, and planning some changes on the blog – I’ll be asking for comments and suggestions soon. But now it’s time to rein back in and focus on the coming week.

  1. November’s newsletter (changes coming to the newsletter format so watch out for that).
  2. Record my video blog post for this month: I’m going to read the first chapter of The Family Trap (gulp!)
  3. Finish my Christmas short story for Alphie Dog.
  4. Write some interview questions for Donna Usher who is joining us on her blog tour on 16th December.
  5. Do some pre-publication stuff for The Family Trap, like notify Neilsen and write out Advance Information sheets.
  6. Continue editing The Family Trap.
  7. Finish reading Carol Shields’ The Stone Diaries for the MA course in time for tomorrow night’s lecture.
  8. Organise tutorials for the above, and come up with the essay question for this term’s assignment.

This to do list is longer than usual because I’ve included my MA stuff on it! Every week we have to read a novel, do some homework, take part in the online lecture and answer questions on the set topics. It’s manageable, but still a lot of work. This week has been great because I love Carol Shields. Anyone who hasn’t read her books yet should give them a try. I think Larry’s Party is my favourite, closely followed by The Stone Diaries. So, for once the reading for the MA is a pleasure not a chore!

How are you all getting on this week? 🙂