In the coming weeks I have three very exciting events coming up, and all involving members of my family! First of all, I’m so proud to tell you that my lovely mum is releasing her debut novel, A Grave Inheritance …

and here’s a bit more about it:

“Grace and Amelia looked at the gravestone propped up against a tree, its surface tinged green with age and moss. Grace had already scraped away accumulated dirt and grime to reveal a crudely chiselled out initial, name and date. With a sinking feeling in her stomach, Amelia read the inscription.”                   

When their parents died, Amelia and Grace Farrell believed they had no other family. Then out of the blue a letter arrives informing them they have inherited a cottage from their paternal grandfather. Amelia and Grace move into the cottage and make Woodbury their home, but when Grace finds a headstone in the garden, they are plunged straight into an age-old mystery.

Infatuated with the handsome vicar, Amelia looks to him for help, and Grace wants to know if he has any gravestones missing. But it is an elderly aunt, and an old diary which hold the answers to secrets long buried. Grace decides to look into their past for the truth, but someone is determined to stop her. Unknowingly, Grace puts both their lives in danger and they realise they must face the consequences so that the dead can be laid to rest at last.

1911-1928: When the wrong twin, Laurence Deverell, is brutally murdered, John Farrell does his best to cover up the crime, trying only to protect his wife and daughter. Seventeen years later when history is about to repeat itself, the murderer strikes again, and this time, they make no mistakes.

My mum is super-talented and I hope you’ll help me in supporting her on the book’s release. I’m sure she won’t mind me telling you guys that she is in her sixties (you’d never know by looking at her), and the whole social media/book promoting thing is going to be a massive learning curve for her. Say hello to her here.

The next exciting thing is that my brother-in-law is starting up an ebook formatting business called E-Kindled. He knows the ebook market really well, so anyone who has a book they’re planning to get up for sale by Christmas, please consider giving Bryan a chance. Watch out for introductory offers and promotions.

Last but not least, I’ve finally persuaded my husband – psychologist Jez Phillips – to write a guest post for the blog. His remit is categories, genre and buyer behaviour (poor guy). Basically, I want him to apply his super-clever academic brain to the business of Amazon categories and browsing behaviour so we can understand a little better how to reach our readers. Coming up in early December. (I might have to cook for a couple of nights to give him chance to research it, bah!)