Music is the most evocative art form. I hear a song and it transports me back in time – not just remembering where I was and who I was when I first heard it, but feeling it too. As an antidote to Christmas, here are three tracks that transport me like no others.

1982 – I was 12 years old. My mum and dad had divorced, I had a stammer and wasn’t doing too well at school. Why has this particular song embedded itself in my psyche? Listening to it – watching it – now, I feel sick with nostalgia for that time (and yet it can’t have been a good time). But remember when Top of the Pops was the highlight of the week? Remember when pop stars were really cool – not famous like they are now, but cool. Different. Here’s another treat (for me, and hopefully for you), a real ‘pop’ song, and a great example of a really terrible pop video …

And now, as they say, for something completely different. To say I was obsessed with Frankie Goes to Hollywood is understating it somewhat. I was in love with Holly Johnson and Mark Wilson (!), I listened to the records on my record player (remember those?) over and over, and I even drew the cover of Relax for an art project at school.
This cover: Relax My art teacher was not impressed, but I’m telling you, it was a perfect rendition. I was really good at art!

Thanks for sharing my antidote to Christmas music choices with me. Now over to you – what music transports you and why?