Today we have the very talented Charlie Plunkett taking over the blog to talk about her own writing journey and to share her top sources of writing support. Back in October last year, I was asked to contribute to Charlie’s latest book, 100 Little Words on Parenthood. This was such an interesting project – each contribution must be exactly 100 words – and I dug deep to share some of the lessons I’d learned since becoming a mum. Click on the cover image below if you’d like to get your own copy. OK, take it away, Charlie …

100 little words

Writing – no longer a lonely vocation

I was delighted to be asked by lovely Joanne Phillips to be a guest on her blog, delighted and also a little worried when she said she would leave the choice of topic up to me!

I’m an avid follower of Joanne’s blog since I discovered her on Twitter and subsequently read her book of short stories ‘A Life Unpredicted’ and novel ‘Can’t Live Without’ – both of which I absolutely loved. Something I have also learnt about Joanne is her generous spirit in sharing everything she knows about the writing and promoting of books. On that similar vein I wanted to share with you some of the things I have learnt along the way.

I wrote my first book in 2009 ‘The True Diary of a Bride-to-be’ shortly after the birth of my little boy and back then I knew very little of social media or the book industry and everything I did was self-taught and through trial and error.

My top tips would be to write about what you know and from the heart. Keep writing and don’t stop to analyse what you have written or you will never finish. Read lots of books from authors in your genre, a good writer should be an avid reader. Employ the services of a professional editor, they are worth their weight in gold and spend time on designing the best cover you can – people do judge a book by its cover. (I would highly recommend Bryan Hamilton @ekindled).When it comes to promoting your book, think outside the box as to who you can approach and be very clear and passionate about it. You need to be able to outline the synopsis of your book in the time it takes to travel a couple of floors in a lift, any longer and people lose interest.

Since joining Twitter in the Spring of 2012 I have learnt that there are many writers out there willing to share their experiences and expertise. I no longer feel I’m going it alone and as well as the lovely Joanne here are some of the most helpful people I’ve had the pleasure to come across and whose advice has been of immeasurable help to me.

Authors who support other authors and who share lots of great advice – @tinksaid @jennyworstall @nicolamay @stephencspencer @andyholloman @czbrackett @vanessa_wester @tashaharrison @thamiltonwriter @bestdadicanbe @mummy_diaries @sugarcanebook @jesssturman

Great resources  to help you write the best book you can I have found from ‘Let’s get Digital’ by @davidgaughran  ‘Books, Tips, Stories, & Advice on Writing, Publishing & Promoting’ by @DanPoynter ‘Can’t Sell Won’t Sell’ by @90daysnovel ‘How to Write ebooks that Sell’ @valwaldeck ‘You are a Writer’ (so start acting like one) @jeffgoins

If you have a finished book and want to build a social platform then read as much as you can from @ninabazin and @johnaguiar

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Charlie x