Well, what a fab day we’ve had! But it is Valentine’s Day after all, so I’m going to start clearing up and call it a day with the launch party now – time to go and cook my lovely hubby a nice meal. (Well, OK, as I’m doing the cooking it will probably be a disastrous meal, but it’s the thought that counts, right?)

Before I go, it’s time to announce the competition results …

So far today I’ve given away 10 copies of The Family Trap on Kindle, we’ve shared our wedding photos and Valentine’s Day hunks, you’ve watched me open my brand new box of books, and hopefully you’ve downloaded your very own copy of The Family Trap. I’ve also had the difficult job (!) of choosing my favourite from your nominations – but I can finally announce that the winner of the Valentine’s pamper kit is Martina Munzittu. She chose Gerard Butler, and while I can’t see it myself (!), he’s my mum’s favourite so Martina it is.

My own personal hunk is right here:


Honestly, without my lovely hubby none of this would have been possible (meaning I’d have to do a full-time job and would be too busy to write). 🙂 Jez, you’re fab. Happy Valentine’s Day!

And last but not least, I’ve chosen Rebecca Bradley to receive a signed copy of The Family Trap in paperback. I loved Rebecca’s comment that it is never too early to drink Champagne! Rebecca if you could send me an email by clicking here (or email me at joanne g phillips @ gmail . com) and let me know your email address, I’ll get it posted out at the end of next week.

Thanks everyone for celebrating my launch! And if you live around Shropshire, don’t forget to pop into Bookshrop, Whitchurch on Saturday morning to say hello. Now enough of this hanging around the computer – go and do Valentine’s stuff!

The Family Trap cover