I woke up this morning with an anxious feeling in my stomach – there was something I was meant to be doing, somewhere I was meant to be, something I’d forgotten … But then I realised there wasn’t! It’s all done – the pre-publication work, the organising, the planning, the launch – all over and done with. Apart from a little book signing tomorrow, The Family Trap has been released into the world and now it’s on its own.

Phew! So now I can relax and turn my mind to something else, finally. Hold on – what do you mean, now I have to start selling it? Ah, well. It never ends, does it? 🙂

But I’m off to a good start – today The Family Trap is all over the blogosphere (well, it’s on four brilliant blogs, anyway):

Read an excerpt on Pauline Wiles’ Indie Excerpt Friday here.

Check out my guest post on Dizzy C’s Little Book blog here – and enter her rafflecopter to win a signed copy of the book.

You can also read Kim the Bookworm’s review of The Family Trap here.

And, the lovely Erin Cawood has The Family Trap as her Friday feature!

I’m a very lucky lady indeed 🙂

Now I’m off for a coffee and a wind-down, but thanks again to everyone who took part in my launch yesterday. It was so much fun, all thanks to you.

The Family Trap cover