I was so happy to open the mail this morning and find this lovely bag of goodies from Matador – it’s my delegate’s pack from last Sunday’s self-publishing conference. Due to the heavy snow I couldn’t make it to the conference – gutted! – but receiving this lot today has really cheered me up. There are some really interesting services included in the leaflets, companies I haven’t heard of before, along with a useful little book and a free copy of Self-Publishing Magazine! Brilliant ๐Ÿ™‚

Self pub delegate pack

The lovely Helen McCusker from Booked PR also emailed me information about writing press releases – that was the workshop session I was most looking forward to – so I feel as though I almost made it. The only thing I missed out on was meeting up with fellow indie authors and new authors, but there’s always next year. Jeremy Thompson has set the date as 30th March 2014, so that’s one for your diaries – as long as it doesn’t snow :/

Easter Weekend

Easter is traditionally a time for gardening and getting on with a bit of DIY. But the only Do-It-Yourself I’m interested in is the indie-publishing kind, so I’m having a mini self-publishing-fest of my own this weekend: tomorrowย is the long-awaited Step 3 in my Self-Publishing Guide, and on Saturday we have SilverWood Books’ very own Helen Hart writing an exclusive guest post for us! Fabulous stuff. Then I’ve got Sunday off (phew), ready to start the A to Z blogging challenge on Monday. What have you guys got lined up for the Easter weekend? DIY or NVM? (Not Very Much) ๐Ÿ˜‰