Welcome to day one of my A to Z blogging challenge! My first blog topic is Aim High, an appropriate start to the challenge, I think.

Red Arrows at Minehead
Red Arrows at Minehead (Photo credit: Crowcombe Al)

If you don’t set goals, you can’t know where you’re headed. And if you’re going to set goals, you might as well aim as high as you can. One of my new year’s resolutions for my book sales was to achieve a million downloads by the end of 2013. Chances of me reaching this goal? I’d say slim, at best! But the point for me was to set myself a huge target, a ridiculous target, because … well, why not? If you aim high, you might get halfway there. And halfway to the very top is better than all the way to nowhere.

For my April blogging challenge, I’m aiming high. I’m planning to complete the challenge and not miss a single day. To that end, I’ve already worked out my list of topics for the month:

A – Aim High!
B – Birthdays
C – Competition
D – Dagger
E – Envy
F – Funny
G – Girls v Boys
H – House of Silence
I – Indexing
J – Journey
K – Kindness
L – Lipstick
M – Masters Study
N – Names
O – Omniscient Narrators
P – Planning
Q – Quiet Time
R – Reviews
S – Saving Saffron Sweeting
T – Time
U – Unreliable Narrators
V – Voice
W – Win!
X – X-factor
Y – Yawn …
Z – Zoo

So, now you know what you’re in for, I hope you’ll join me every day this month 🙂 I’ll keep the posts short so I don’t tire you out, and I’ll visit as many fellow blogs as I possibly can. Here’s to aiming high! Good luck everyone x

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