Tomorrow is my birthday. I’ll be 43 :/ There’s no point hiding from it – that’s my age and I’m not getting any younger!


Can you spot the difference? About 40 years …

Birthdays are important in fiction. They can be turning points for characters, pivotal moments when life-changing decisions are made. In my unfinished novel, The Love of Your Life, Lydia decides to leave her husband on her 55th birthday. In the first Harry Potter book, it’s on his coming-of-age birthday that HagridΒ arrives with news that will change his life for ever. Birthdays come with a whole set of expectations – perfect for thwarting. Surprise parties, unsuccessful presents, tragedy and calamity – all will have more impact on your characters if you set them on a significant birthday.

Well, after saying all that I hope my own birthday goes nice and smoothly tomorrow! Come back in the morning for day 3 of the A to Z challenge and C for Competition πŸ˜‰