After yesterday’s writing-based post for the A to Z challenge, I thought I’d go for something more personal today 😉 What in the world, you’re thinking, is she going to blog about with Lipstick as the topic?

Lipstick and lipgloss
Lipstick and lipgloss (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a work-from-home mum in her forties, lipstick has become quite symbolic for me. In my twenties and thirties I used to love wearing make-up. I was never the kind of person who wouldn’t leave the house without it, but I enjoyed the effect of improving upon what nature gave you and making yourself look quite different for a special night out. Plus I was a hairdresser – standing in front of a mirror for eight hours a day can have an effect on a person!

These days I barely have time to wash my hair, let alone put on full make-up! And when last year I had a painful cyst on the cornea of my left eye and had to stop wearing mascara and eye-liner for months, my make-up repertoire took a nose-dive. (The photo I use for my blog and Facebook etc was taken during this time – I was so disappointed that I had to do it ‘sans mascara’!)

But there’s always lipstick. And perhaps perfume, although I hate those heavy, lingering scents people wear – they make my sinuses ache. Lipstick is symbolic to me because it says: ‘I’ve made an effort – I’m ready to face the world.’ I don’t wear make-up all the time, but if I remember to apply a little lip gloss before I leave the house you can tell I’m having a good day!