Today’s post was going to be Unreliable Narrator, but I’m going to be an unreliable blogger and change it! For the A to Z Challenge, I’m going with U for Unravelling.

Regular readers will have heard about ace author Lindsay Stanberry-Flynn on the blog many times. Like Linda Gillard, I read about Lindsay in Writing Magazine. (If you don’t take this magazine you really should – it’s brill. And I do an index of it every year, downloadable here.) Anyway, I sought out Lindsay via her website and said hello. I bought her novel, Unravelling, and was totally blown away. But also quite depressed. I was just starting out on my indie journey, and reading other self-published authors was part of my research. When I read Lindsay’s novel I realised there was no hope for authors like me if this woman couldn’t get a publishing deal.


Since then, of course, Lindsay has got a publishing deal with Cinnamon Press for her next novel, The Piano Player’s Son. And Unravelling won a stack of prizes – totally deserved. Whenever I feel anxious about my indie status I think of authors like Lindsay and Linda Gillard – and many others – and realise I’m in fantastic company. But Lindsay’s book needs to reach a wider audience in my opinion, and (I’m sure she won’t mind me saying this) this is where we indies need to be fantastic publicists as well as great writers. There are millions of readers out there who would also be blown away by Unravelling – but how to reach them? I’m looking forward to the release of The Piano Player’s Son, and will be interested to see how much publicity – and how many new readers – the publisher generates for Lindsay.

OK, time for you to help me out guys. What I want to know is this: how do you, as readers, find your next book? Do you browse Amazon categories? Do you follow book blogs? Do you belong to book clubs, Facebook groups, or look at Goodreads? Or what? When authors want to reach out to readers, where are the best places for us to do it?

And perhaps Lindsay might explain to us how to use the unreliable narrator 😉 Then we’ll all be happy.