I’ve been an avid follower of Chick Lit Reviews and News for ages, and their daily newsletter keeps me informed about great new reads and all things new in the Chick Lit world. It was my dream to be reviewed on the site, so when they opened their doors to indie authors last month I was overjoyed. I quickly sent an email, offering Can’t Live Without up for review. But then, when they accepted and gave me the date of Tuesday 30th April, I suddenly felt sick with nerves.

What if the reviewer hated it? What if I’d finally broken into this brilliant resource only to be savaged and lose all credibility? Chick Lit Reviews and News has a massive following – how embarrassing would it feel to be one of the first indie authors reviewed, only to find I’d totally let the side down?

Nervously I clicked on the site this morning. And – wonder of wonders – 5 stars! The reviewer, Kimberly Truesdale – who is now my favourite person in the whole world – loved it! Best of all, she ‘got’ it. You know when someone just completely understands what you were trying to do, what you were trying to say? Well, she did, and you can read her review here.

The newsletter goes out to subscribers later today, and I’m so excited to think that all those chick lit lovers will be reading about my little debut novel. And my huge thanks go out to Chick Lit Reviews and News for saying Yes to indie authors – I hope lots of other big-name book review sites follow soon.

After the release of The Family Trap, it’s so nice to see my first novel getting some well-deserved attention.