On Tuesday I got a wonderful surprise in the post – a copy of North London parenting magazine Today’s Child.

Todays Child

Now, living out in the wilds of north Shropshire, I don’t have much to do with the jet-set lifestyle of London’s parents, but it still made an interesting read. Especially when I got to page 27 and the book reviews …


No, your eyes don’t deceive you – there in reviews of books all about parenting and families is none other than The Family Trap. And what a review!


I have the very lovely Debbie Young to thank for this. Debbie is the author of Sell Your Books! – a brilliant resource for writers, whether indie or traditionally published. You can find out more about her book at Off the Shelf Book Promotions here. But busy, mutil-tasking and multi-talented Debbie also works for charity Readathon, encouraging schools to get involved and build a love of reading in children. What an amazing and worthwhile task! Debbie landed herself the review column in new magazine, Today’s Child, as a result of her excelling marketing skills and Readathon work, and I am honoured that she chose to review my book for the magazine.

Even if it hadn’t been my book reviewed here, after reading the magazine from cover to cover I think it’s a nice touch to include some fiction that parents – especially busy mums – would enjoy. Parenting isn’t all about sleep issues and tantrums and how-to-give-them-the-best-start-in-life – although of course we all agonise about those things! It’s also about taking time out to chill and reflect, and there’s no better way of doing that than with a good book in your hands and a cup of tea (or wine) at your elbow.

And if a novel makes you think a little more deeply about what it means to be a parent, then all the better. But most of all I just hope that every parent who reads The Family Trap finds a little bit of escape – and has a good laugh too 🙂