A clumsy title for a pretty desperate blog post today! Last week was half term, which means less time at my desk and more time having fun with the family. Which is great, of course, but things have gotten a bit out of hand here! On top of that we decorated my daughter’s bedroom, which meant she had to take over my office for a week (it also serves – rather grudgingly – as a spare room). My ‘office’ moved to the dining table, and chaos ensued!

All is back to normal now, but I’m in a real tizzy with all the little piddling jobs that I’ve let pile up. Check out my To Do list for today – and it’s not even finished yet!


These are just little jobs, but they’ll take up a ton of time. And I really want to be getting on with Flora Lively today – my first full day back at work. But, I know what I’m like. If I don’t get through this list first I’ll be distracted by the sense of it ‘hanging over me’. Here’s a funny bit of inspiration to get me started:

Last week my mum moved house, and my daughter – who’s five – and I went over to see her a couple of days after the move. I left them together to go and get some shopping for my mum, and while I was gone they went into the bedroom and surveyed the pile of shoes, boxes, scarfs, hats, bags and general paraphernalia that lay in a pile on the floor. My mum sat on the bed and said: I just don’t know where to start! My daughter, bless her heart, looked at her nana and told her: Just pick one thing up and put it away. Then pick the next thing up and do the same. We’ll get it sorted in no time.

Well, my mum was in tears when she told me. Her granddaughter had been such an amazing help, and by the time I returned with lunch the floor was cleared and Mum was on top of things again. So, I’m going to take on some of that wisdom myself right now. Pick one thing and do it. Then pick another thing. Soon it will all be done :)