Featured today on Debbie Young’s excellent blog – the story of my family’s writing life. Check out the sweet photo! Loved doing this interview, some really interesting stuff came out of it.

With so much talk in the news lately about the rights and wrongs of parents helping their children get a step up on the career ladder, I wondered what difference it makes to an author to have a parent who writes.

I couldn’t quiz the two sets of writing relatives that first sprang to mind – Charles Dickens and his great-granddaughter Monica Dickens, Anthony Trollope and his descendant Joanna  – on account of the elder of each pair not being available for interview. Instead I asked another author whose name popped up in my Amazon search for Ms Trollope – the lovely Joanna Phillips, author of Can’t Live Without and The Family Trap. Her mother, Anne Renshaw, recently launched her own debut novel, A Grave Inheritance. I’m delighted to share their responses below.

Q) Having followed your writing career, Jo, since before you published your first novel, I…

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