This weekend I handed the baton of stressed parent over to hubby for the day and took up the mantle of relaxed author at our local summer fair. I had low expectations when it came to paperback sales – what I was aiming for was to get my face known by other parents as a local author and hopefully hand out a few bookmarks so people might download a book to their Kindle at some point in the future.

Here I am in the sunshine behind my lovingly set-up stall:

Summer fair 1

It was a beautiful day, with a lot of footfall, and I managed to sell *drum roll please* 5 books! Which wasn’t bad at all, when you consider that at the Festival of Romance last year, in a venue specifically set up to sell books, I managed to shift only 3, and 2 of them were sympathy buys! After I’d equaled my previous record I walked up to my daughter’s teacher and said, “Have you read any of my books yet?” I have no shame! She bought a copy of each title πŸ™‚

I really enjoyed this event – and not just because I didn’t have to stand outside the bouncy castle for an hour or ‘mine for gold’ in a dirty paddling pool. I felt (another no shame moment coming up) proud of myself. Which is just as well – I need my confidence bolstering a bit just now – more about that on Saturday. So, over to you – have you ever had a table at a local fair? Does anyone do it on a regular basis? Looking forward to reading about your experiences, Jo x