I’m back! Oh yes, Joanne is fully rested and raring to go … (Don’t you just hate people who talk about themselves in the third person?) 😉 Actually, that week went really quickly – I can’t believe it’s over already. Thanks so much to Terry Tyler, Maria Savva and Chris Holifield for keeping the content on the blog flowing while I was sitting with my feet up watching Murder She Wrote. And thanks for all the great comments too.

It was an interesting week, and I learned a lot about myself. When you’ve got no one but yourself for company day after day, and no work or social media to distract you, certain truths are revealed! Here are a list of traits/beliefs I thought I had, along with my new thoughts after a little bit of soul-searching:

Character Trait/Belief True or False?
I am a workaholic False! I’m actually very, very lazy by nature. Constantly needing to work is just my way of trying to beat back my true desire to do absolutely nothing for days on end!
I enjoy social media False!!! I can honestly say I didn’t miss Facebook or Twitter one bit. Yesterday I popped on to FB to see what I’d missed and shouldn’t have been surprised to find that I’d missed nothing. All of my FB friends are lovely interesting people, but collectively my FB timeline is just the same old same old. And Twitter? The longer I’m away the more it scares me …
Writing is tiring Well, this is true and false. Writing can be a little bit tiring, like any job of work, but being creative doesn’t tire me at all. What I do find exhausting is the pressure to promote and market my books and myself – that’s not writing, that’s being an author.
Writers must be public figures and be available to readers all the time False! What I’ve realised this week is that I’m perfectly happy to be available to readers and fellow writers all the time – online and via email. But in person, physically, I mean actually there in reality, doing signings and giving talks and readings? Well … not really. More on this in a future post.
Down time is wasted time Well, you’ve probably figured what’s coming with this one! FALSE! From now on I’m going to plan in my downtime, just to make sure I get it when work starts to build up again. Yes, I know it sounds a bit counter-intuitive – diary entry: 1.00 pm Relax! – but I think that’s the only way I will be able to remember to do it!

So I’ve learned a lot from taking a week off, and it wouldn’t be overstating it to say this illness and the resulting incapacity has brought about some lasting changes. Say hello to the more relaxed and chilled out Jo! She’s here to stay 🙂 Right, it’s 12:41 pm and time to go and Relax! I’m off – see you tomorrow when I reveal what my week off did to my sales figures.