Today I’m absolutely delighted to have Estelle Wilkinson on the blog again. Regular readers might remember that Estelle released a book earlier this year – well now she’s revamped it and re-released it to coincide with a brilliant feature in Pick Me Up magazine. Read on to find out more about Estelle’s journey – and why she feels she rushed into publication the first time around …

“A big thank you to Joanne for hosting me on my tour and allowing me the opportunity to discuss my re-release. To be back on Joanne’s blog is an honour. She has been an amazing support. While going through her own ups and downs, book releases and blog tours she has still always been there when I’ve needed to sound something out. It seems strange that we’ve never met (is this just a bad habit of mine?). She has guided me and boosted my confidence on so many occasions. She is truly a lovely lady.

(*I’m blushing here!* Jo) 

I started my last guest blog here with “To think that just six months ago I hadn’t even (seriously) considered publishing a book, here I am writing a guest blog as a published author.”

I could feasible start this one with “To think that just over twelve months ago I hadn’t even…” My last twelve months have been a whirlwind to say the least.

It Started With A Click

Earlier this year I rushed into publishing a collection of emails sent between myself and a man that I met through bidding on his auction on eBay. But, I literally did just that. The book was made up of emails and messages sent back and forth between the two of us. I’d added a few last minute paragraphs (thanks to Joanne’s advice) to add a little background and that was it.

Many people have loved it but some really didn’t. I felt disappointed at first but the points the negative reviews raised were very valid. I took them on board and decided I needed to make some changes. One of the biggest gripes was the formatting, another was the lack of background and insight from Catherine (the main female character), and the other big thing was that the ending left people hanging far too much. These areas have all been worked on and refined.

I am not naïve enough to think that now I’ve revamped it everyone will love it but I do think that the extra work and effort I have now put in will really enhance the story and make it more of an all-round romance.

Although I said in my last appearance on Joanne’s blog that I had detached myself from the story (part of the reason I chose to use a character name rather than my own), I realise now that I hadn’t fully. This time around I have made the decision to fictionalise the story. This has made it far easier to depersonalise it which is something I had to do to make it better.

It was (is!) my story and so difficult to change and even harder to hear criticism of. Many of the original emails are there but I have added extra content to liven up the mundane monotony of them and taken out many of the repetitive sections while adding a little extra spice where I felt it was lacking. However, I will still release the book as a memoir as it is still so heavily based on the truth that it would feel wrong to publish it as pure fiction.

So, the new look (well, not really as I have kept the original cover because I loved it so much!), new version of It Started With A Click: The Story of an eBay Romance is out now. Having been reformatted and improved, this new book is a wonderful story of romance and growing desires. With insights from Catherine it gives a much better picture of how life was for her and how she felt about Damien.”

Estelle Wilkinson

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Thanks so much, Estelle. I have read both versions, and while I’m delighted Estelle added in some narrative and reflection, I’m also relieved that she didn’t take out too many of the original emails and messages – they are hilarious! The great thing about this book is the way it forensically maps the start and development of a relationship, and I loved the first version for this reason too. Future historians will get  a real kick out of this book, mark my words 😉