The Silence of Juliet Mann – my Christmas novelette – is now available to download from Amazon 🙂 Anyone who subscribes to my mailing list will have already received a copy of this as a special Christmas gift from me (if for some reason you didn’t, send me an email at and I’ll sort it out).

More Than Just Another Christmas Love Story

Of course, this is a very emotive story, based around the main character’s struggle to overcome her speech problems and finally face up to issues she’s been avoiding for years. But underneath all that it’s funny, uplifting, and full of festive spirit. The virtual shelves are groaning with the weight of all those Christmas novellas and short stories, not to mention the themed Christmas novels timed to get you in the mood for mince pies and mistletoe. The Silence of Juliet Mann might be set at Christmas – it might have snow and a Christmas wedding and frozen kisses under the stars – but it’s definitely a book that can be read at any time of the year. And in true indie style, when the Christmas season is over and done with, the ‘Christmas novelette’ tag will be removed from the title and the novelette can stand on its own as another pathway for readers to find my books.

I’m going to be pushing news of the release on Facebook and Twitter over the coming days, and it would be great if you could share across your contacts. And if you’ve read the novelette already, that Amazon product page is looking a little empty without any reviews … 🙂

SJM cover

The blurb:

Juliet Mann is about to get hitched at last. Her fiancé is gorgeous, her dress is stunning, her family are overjoyed … and perhaps more than a little relieved. But Juliet has a secret – a problem she’s tried to hide for far too long. Juliet’s moment has finally arrived, but when the time comes to say ‘I do’, Juliet can’t say anything at all.

Her parents are far from understanding – but they aren’t the only ones in denial. When Juliet discovers she’s messed up more than just her wedding day, she embarks on a mission to find a cure for the speech impediment that has blighted her life. But has she left it too late?

Full of heart-warming humour, unflinching and thought-provoking, The Silence of Juliet Mann follows one woman’s struggle to communicate “like a normal person”. From classroom embarrassments to adult humiliations, this romantic comedy guarantees you will never look at a stammer the same way again.